We believe future technology should adapt to individuals. No more generalised weather and UV apps. Therefore, say hi to the version that knows your skin and gives personalised daily recommendations to prevent skin damage or skin cancer.

Features In This App

Based on Machine Learning Suntastic analyses your skin tone accurately to enjoy the sun and provides you with personalised results and numerous features to customise to help you make the best out of your sun experience without having to fear sunburns or skin cancer. 

Skin Type Detection

A revolutionary solution to detect your true skin tone via image recognition.


Time to Sunburn

Based on scientific papers from WHO and Nature your personal time to sunburn will be calculated.


UV Alarm

The UV Alarm is a unique approach to send you notifications when the current UV level at your location is above your threshold level.


Weather Exploration

Suntastic enhances current weather apps in showing you the forecasted UV levels and time to sunburn for every location globally.

Skin Lab

The core of suntastic is our Skin Lab which leverages Machine Learning to provide you with your personalised time to sunburn based on your true skin tone and your current location’s UV level. Compared to all other time to sunburn calculation applications, you only have to scan parts of your brightest skin you want to expose to the sun via your smartphone camera and suntastic does the rest. This is not only a way faster than surveys from our competitors, but also more accurate as a granular approach of skin tone detection is possible. You can leverage our skin lab whenever and wherever you want, but best results are achieved when you scan your skin right before you expose yourself to the sun and use natural lighting conditions for it (preferably outside). 


Find YOUR sunscreen

Dozens of sunscreens are listed with a short descriptions about their individual benefits.

Use the filtering option

Through various filters you have the possibility to detect your best suited sunscreen easily.

Order by one of our partners

Direct link to an online retailer who brings the sunscreen directly to you home.

Consistent icons for benefits

Icons make it easy to spot your favourites on the spot.

Watch Video

Relax and enjoy our concept video

Weather ++

Our weather forecast uses the Open Weather API which is currently the best globally available following several rating sites like rapidapi (2021). Suntastic allows you to not only see the weather forecast for your current location but also looking for the weather forecast of any location globally. In addition to other traditional weather apps, suntastic gives you the unique possibility to also see the UV level forecast and your predicted personal time to sunburn. This is specifically useful to plan your trip accordingly, knowing how long you can stay in the sun and which sun screen to use in order to fully enjoy your sun experience without turning red and jeopardise your skin.

Our Latest News

Have a look at our blog section to learn everything about sun protection, related health issues and current trends. New blog entries are introduced regularly and written from experts in their field.

How to choose the right sunscreen?

How to choose the right sunscreen?

What is sunscreen? Sunscreen is any body lotion or cream which helps in blocking the direct UV rays from the sun. Sunscreen has other names as sunblock, which comes in different brands and strengths. The SPF (Sun protection factor) plays a vital role in determining...

Nutrition and Skin Health

Nutrition and Skin Health

Skin health is the depiction of body health. There are a few factors that play their role in the betterment of the skin as: Diet Body nutrition Lifestyle Sleeping routine Skincare regimen How can you perfect your skin with good nutrition? Good nutrition is a...

The Potential Damage Caused By UV

The Potential Damage Caused By UV

What are ultraviolet radiations? Sunlight consists of different types of rays as UV rays. UV rays are the non-visible lights with comparatively shorter wavelengths on the electromagnetic spectrum. These are invisible, but they can produce their effect on our skin...

What our Customers say

– Alene V.

My friend recommended the app as I am really sensitive about my skin and the results are amazing! Thanks to Suntastic I am always able to see how long I can stay in the sun without running into the risk of getting too much UV rays and getting sunburned. Thanks Suntastic!

– William D.

During my work I spend 100% of it in the office (or home office for now) without getting any chance of being outside. Thus, in my holidays I spend the whole time on the beach to relax but constantly get sunburned. Suntastic provides me the solution I was looking for, even though I think sometimes I could stay longer in the sun before I turn red compared to what you are suggesting  😉

– Christopher C.

I and my wife are super happy with Suntastic as we love traveling and often suffered some severe skin damage. Keep up the good work!

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